Fried Sardines with Anchovy Spring Onion Sambal

Thinly slice the chili and garlic and remove the outer layer of the spring onions and slice as well. 
Rinse the spring onions with cold water and leave to dry on a perforated plate or rack. 
Take a small pot and heat on a stove 
Slice the chili and garlic in thin slices, remove the outer layer for the spring onions, slice them thin too, rinse the spring onions with cold water, then let them drip the excess of water over a perforated surface.
Take a small pot to the stove with 180ml of grapeseed oil once hot add the anchovies and fry them for 1m remove them into a tray with paper towel. 
Add the chilli’s, garlic and spring onions to the pot and cook over low heat for 30m, stir them occasionally. 
Blend the chilli mix in the food processor with the anchovies into a course mix, add the vinegar and reserve.
Season the sardines with salt. 
Toss the sardines in rice flour then in lain flour, remove excess and deep fry them in the oil at 185c, leave them to rest in a rack. 
Serve with the sambal on the side.