Mazzancolle (wild Italian prawns) in egg yolk almond sauce

Boil the eggs at a low temperature (66ºC) for 1hr15mins.
After boiling immediately add to a bowl of iced water. 
Once cooled, crack the eggs into a bowl. Remove the whites and retain the yolks. 
Add the yolks to a food blender with olive oil and cider vinegar. Blitz over medium speed for 2 minutes to emulsify. Season with a pinch of salt. 
Toast the almond flour in a pan on medium heat until golden. Remove from the pan and add to a try to cool. 
Once cooled add to the yolk base and stir. 
Add to a lidded container and store at room temperature until serving.
Take a large baking tray and distribute the prawns evenly across. Season with salt and leave for 10 minutes. 
Heat a large pan on a high heat and drizzle a dash of olive oil. 
Add half the quantity of prawns and cook over high heat for 2 minutes. Stir frequently and turn the prawns so they cook evenly. 
Once cooked remove and leave to rest and cook the remaining half. 
Once all prawns are cooked drizzle with lemon juice. 
Serve prawns on a large plate and add egg yolk dip to a ramekin or small dish.
Serve immediately and eat by peeling the prawns and dipping into egg yolk sauce. 
If desired, serve with toast or a salad.